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The Rise and Fall of Naked Emperors

Learn about the peer review publication process as well as why this system may require an update.

When I entered my undergraduate studies, I dreamed of being able to participate in research to at least some degree. I have now published a few times (click here to see my work), but having done so I have become slightly disenchanted by the publication process. The following articles by Adam Mastroianni articulate my point of view better than I myself can. They are thoroughly interesting and enlightening.

The rise and fall of peer review
Why the greatest scientific experiment in history failed, and why that’s a great thing

The rise and fall of peer review (word count 3440)

In this entertaining article, Adam articulates the key issues with peer review process. These include the arguments that the peer review process sometimes overlooks even blatant errors, that they render papers boring and that scientists themselves don't care about the designation it provides.

The dance of the naked emporers (word count 2838)

The dance of the naked emperors
A followup to “The rise and fall of peer review”

In this article, Adam responds to comments arguing why simply having researchers publish their work openly would not work. It is equally as thoughtful as the first article.