Changing Clocks

Unlike a fast-paced life that is often largely benchmarked by external deadlines and incentives, a slow life is typically without such pressures. And therefore, to be fulfilled, a person must be prepared to trial and err as they create meaningful systems to govern their day-to-day.
2 min read

Cousin Bilal Discovers the Lota

Wedding season draws millions to the subcontinent for its weeklong festivities. Pageants of red bridal dresses and henna at every hotel, traffic jams dotted with turbaned grooms mounted on visibly irritated white horses, and temporary tents erected in every open space characterize winter in India.
4 min read

On Poverty

I turned around to check, as one does when walking through a rather shady part of town, and saw a girl who couldn't have been aged past her mid 20s... To say that she could barely walk in a straight line would be an understatement.
6 min read

My Father

This is the story of my father's his first 26 years. It is also the story of three revolutions. It is also, at least in part, my own story. Born in the Himalayan winter, my father's eyes first opened to a frigid world. A city bordering a lake and bordered by mountains was his first home.
7 min read