Cosmic Love

A thoroughly socialized person is one who desires only the rewards that others around him have agreed he should long for. He may encounter thousands of potentially fulfilling experiences, but he fails to notice them because they are not the things he desires.
4 min read

On Happiness

In Siddhartha, the protagonist points out flaws in the Buddha’s teachings to the Buddha. The Buddha responds that there are many paths for achieving enlightenment. He explains that while all can get you there, none are perfect.
7 min read

The Marketing Mental Model

If you have a great product but another company was already first in that market, create a new category in which you are first. You don’t have to entirely change your product—just find something that sets it apart.
12 min read

Second Hand Social Media (and the Power of Libraries)

At a library, given that there is a heightened level of variety, privacy and individualism linked to the activities that one can do there, scrolling through a feed is far from deviant behaviour. However, it should at least still be considered anomie. This is my argument.
4 min read

Fear is the mind killer

I find that these books have a much larger therapeutic effect than reading new literature. I think that part of what makes these books therapeutic, apart from the wonderful stories that they contain are the fact that we associate these stories with a less busy or complicated time in our lives.
2 min read

Digital Media Addiction and University

I wanted to try writing my first Medium style article: An honest reflection of getting my soul sucked by the internet in college, with lessons you can learn to prevent that from happening to you going forward.
4 min read

Newsletter - Inaugural

The inaugural edition of the newsletter, introducing some of my productivity hacks, recent musings and an overall publication format that you can come to expect (maybe).
3 min read