Elon Musk on Old Political Leadership and Other Tidbits

Elon Musk proposes having a maximal age on elected politicians. In this same interview, he also noted that "people don't change their minds, they just die" and that "leadership that is several generations older than the average age of its constituency will be unable to relate with them".
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3 Wiki Links from History

This week, I was learning about the spread of Catholicism in India, Indo-Russian relations, and the history of the Magna Carta. Here is what I was looking at, specifically.
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Site updates + Indian Archives + Chinese Politics

This week, I have truly been an employee of Biscuits for Chai spending most of my days working to create much more accessible and aesthetic user interface. I also have quite the reading list.
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Weimar Republic + Interstellar + Dune

The art of the Weimar Republic, much like the society in which we find ourselves today, aims to glorify 'every day' common ideas and images. While this approach to art can be interpreted and defended as serving to reflect the age in which it is being created... it presents several ethical dilemmas.
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Newsletter 03/22/22

A post touching on maintaining habits without external tools such as coaches. Some interesting thoughts from Farnam Street (a blog catering to people working on Wall Street) as well as some personal reflection.
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Newsletter 02/26/22

I was thinking about the different ways people have tried to compensate for increased costs. Two ideas come to mind. One is the philosophy of transcendentalism, which Thoreau promotes in Walden. Transcendentalism encompasses a bunch of things, among them is an increased importance of nature.
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