A Hindu Christmas

As I approach the first Christmas in many years to which I choose not to have any Christian affiliation, I wonder whether I could truly ever be unaffiliated from it and further, whether I would ever want to.
3 min read

Cosmic Love

A thoroughly socialized person is one who desires only the rewards that others around him have agreed he should long for. He may encounter thousands of potentially fulfilling experiences, but he fails to notice them because they are not the things he desires.
4 min read

On Happiness

In Siddhartha, the protagonist points out flaws in the Buddha’s teachings to the Buddha. The Buddha responds that there are many paths for achieving enlightenment. He explains that while all can get you there, none are perfect.
7 min read

Naval Ravikant on The Meaning of Life

Before you were born, you didn’t care about anything or anyone, including your loved ones, including yourself, including humans, including whether we go to Mars or whether we stay on planet Earth, whether there’s an AI or not. After death, you just don’t care either.
3 min read