To Kill a Bull

Bulls are not violent. But the audience sees them charge into the arena. Only a closer look unveils this truth. Charging does not come naturally to the bull. It is panting, gasping for air before the fight has even started – traumatized.
2 min read

Community News

In this post, I want to speak with you a little bit about what I have learned working in the news. This includes some details about the news business as well as news-craft. After discussing these things, I will speak a bit about what it is like to actually work in a news startup as an employee.
6 min read

The Rise and Fall of Naked Emperors

Learn about the peer review publication process as well as why this system may require an update.
1 min read

Naval Ravikant on The Meaning of Life

Before you were born, you didn’t care about anything or anyone, including your loved ones, including yourself, including humans, including whether we go to Mars or whether we stay on planet Earth, whether there’s an AI or not. After death, you just don’t care either.
3 min read

Second Hand Social Media (and the Power of Libraries)

At a library, given that there is a heightened level of variety, privacy and individualism linked to the activities that one can do there, scrolling through a feed is far from deviant behaviour. However, it should at least still be considered anomie. This is my argument.
4 min read

Elon Musk on Old Political Leadership and Other Tidbits

Elon Musk proposes having a maximal age on elected politicians. In this same interview, he also noted that "people don't change their minds, they just die" and that "leadership that is several generations older than the average age of its constituency will be unable to relate with them".
3 min read

Debunking perception with Jordan Peterson

The controversial professor returns to the lecture circuit with some truly insightful tid-bits. "We don't perceive objects and infer meaning, we perceive meaning and infer objects" –Dr. Jordan Peterson
5 min read

Newsletter 03/22/22

A post touching on maintaining habits without external tools such as coaches. Some interesting thoughts from Farnam Street (a blog catering to people working on Wall Street) as well as some personal reflection.
8 min read

The Kashmir Files

The highlight of my week was seeing Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files. The Kashmir Files is the first ever movie that speaks about the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits, my ethnic group, in the hands of jihadists in the Indian state of Kashmir.
3 min read