To Kill a Bull

Bulls are not violent. But the audience sees them charge into the arena. Only a closer look unveils this truth. Charging does not come naturally to the bull. It is panting, gasping for air before the fight has even started – traumatized.
2 min read

My Father

This is the story of my father's his first 26 years. It is also the story of three revolutions. It is also, at least in part, my own story. Born in the Himalayan winter, my father's eyes first opened to a frigid world. A city bordering a lake and bordered by mountains was his first home.
7 min read

3 Wiki Links from History

This week, I was learning about the spread of Catholicism in India, Indo-Russian relations, and the history of the Magna Carta. Here is what I was looking at, specifically.
3 min read

Weimar Republic + Interstellar + Dune

The art of the Weimar Republic, much like the society in which we find ourselves today, aims to glorify 'every day' common ideas and images. While this approach to art can be interpreted and defended as serving to reflect the age in which it is being created... it presents several ethical dilemmas.
4 min read