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On Happiness

In Siddhartha, the protagonist points out flaws in the Buddha’s teachings to the Buddha. The Buddha responds that there are many paths for achieving enlightenment. He explains that while all can get you there, none are perfect.
7 min read

Another Tim Ferriss Style Update

Personal rumination on the balance between broad exploration and honing into a particular area. Interesting Skillshare classes that have provided me with value and a new workout plan.
2 min read

Fear is the mind killer

I find that these books have a much larger therapeutic effect than reading new literature. I think that part of what makes these books therapeutic, apart from the wonderful stories that they contain are the fact that we associate these stories with a less busy or complicated time in our lives.
2 min read

You need an exercise arsenal at the gym. Here's why.

Workout plans are stupid–especially if you're a beginner at the gym. End of story.
2 min read

Lessons Learned from 1 Month at the Gym

I have made some major realizations about this placed that is home to some and hell to others. And I have recognized that if I didn’t figure this all out, I probably wouldn’t be sticking around.
5 min read

Newsletter 03/22/22

A post touching on maintaining habits without external tools such as coaches. Some interesting thoughts from Farnam Street (a blog catering to people working on Wall Street) as well as some personal reflection.
8 min read

Newsletter 02/26/22

I was thinking about the different ways people have tried to compensate for increased costs. Two ideas come to mind. One is the philosophy of transcendentalism, which Thoreau promotes in Walden. Transcendentalism encompasses a bunch of things, among them is an increased importance of nature.
6 min read