Newsletter 03/06/22

An article on mental health, a sweet new website generator, some freelance work, all wrapped up in a quick weekly post.

This week unfortunately is going to be a bit shorter than usual, I have a bit of crunch work to do for my lab, but I still think that it is incredibly important to be consistent. Also, there is only one bit of content that I am unable to add today, so I may send a quick update in the middle of the week.

An article I really like:

What Your Therapist Means When They Ask You to ‘Sit With Your Feelings’
It’s not about wallowing or self-care — it’s about paying attention

An opportunity for anyone who likes to write in their spare time:

4 Websites That Pay Writers $200 to $400 per Article
Plus everything you need to know: the guidelines, contact emails, rates, and what the experience is like

A question that has been on my mind:

Long term care homes have, over the course of this pandemic, been criticized due to their inability to keep seniors safe. But how much research has been done on the quality of life seniors experience in our nursing homes and how has that changed over the course of the pandemic and how will it shift coming out of this crisis.

Someone who I would like to learn more about:

Bjorn Seibert - you can hear a little bit about him in the podcast below.

An alternative to Ghost for the newsletter:

It is called Revue and was actually launched by twitter. Elizabeth Fisher uses it. She is pretty cool. Check her out.

Revue - An editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers.
No algorithms or fighting to be seen in a news feed, just your writing in front of your subscribers, without the guesswork.