Newsletter - Inaugural

The inaugural edition of the newsletter, introducing some of my productivity hacks, recent musings and an overall publication format that you can come to expect (maybe).

The highlight(s) of my week:

I think that the highlight of this week definitely had to be my acting class at the Second City. If any of you are looking to do something to break out of your shell, I would highly recommend it.

I think that a second highlight of the week would definitely be creating this blog (created on Ghost). Technically, this happened last week, but I was quite excited when I got started with this whole thing, so I just thought I would mention it.

Something I recently understood/an interesting idea:

It seems as various philosophies that emerge throughout history often relate in some capacity to the economic realities of the peoples of the time. For instance, during decades where individuals and families were experiencing difficulty obtaining wealth (and a very stark class distinction exists), many philosophies tend towards more ascetic modes of existence (see Walden by Thoreau) whereas during times where the accumulation of wealth is achievable for more people, such in the decades after the Second World War, philosophical writings think more about how one can live the good life while also being significantly more focused on worldly objectives (see Man’s Search for Meaning by Frankl). It could be that elements other than wealth are the cause for these variations in thought (Frankl was a Holocaust survivor); however it is interesting that there seems to be some overlap (at least in the limited readings that I have sampled).

My understanding of the relative difficulty of wealth accumulation across eras comes from Capital in the 21st Century by Piketty.

Books I Am Reading:

Capital in the 21st Century (linked above)

Walden (started this a while ago, can’t get myself to finish; linked above)

Complications (by Gawande) Overall this is a very captivating yet humble work on a surgeon's journey through training (at least based on the first 10 pages of reading).

Cardiovascular surgery team, Mexicali Mexico
Photo by ABRAHAM POPOCATL / Unsplash

Videos I’m Watching:

ur mom’s house (Elliot Choy, Annemarie Chase, Ur mom ashley, Kelly Wakasa) Its interesting when four people do the same things but capture the moments in their own unique ways. I have linked some of my favourite videos above.

Articles I’m Reading

Building a Second Brain: An Overview - Forte Labs
This is a summary of Building a Second Brain, my online course on capturing, organizing, and sharing your knowledge using digital notes. How many
How to Build a Second Brain - Tiago Forte Style — Keep Productive
Tiago Forte is most known for his concept of developing a Second Brain. The Second Brain helps thousands to organize their minds digitally using concepts like CODE and PARA plot out everything in an organized fashion.

I am particularly interested in the PARA organization method.

An Online Class I’m Taking

This is an online class on prepping stand-up material. I think a future goal of mine is to perform at an open mic-night.

Things I would like to try:

I think something that I was thinking about, in order to diversify my investment portfolio, that comes to mind is indexes of foreign stocks, be it other developed or developing nations, just something to consider.

Goals for the newsletter:

  1. Integrating Google Analytics into my website and further, learning how to use all of the cool features.
  2. Taking my own photos to add to the blog.