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Citation Email Formatting [Logistics]

Thank you so much for sharing my work and letting me know that you did.
Thank you so much once again for choosing to share something you found on Biscuits for Chai with others. It truly means the world to me.
And also thank you for letting me know that you have done this.

If you have a publication, product or anything else, I want to know about it.

How to title your email:

Name_Citation_Publication Type


  • If you were writing for a publication, please use the publication name. If not, please leave this blank.


  • This just helps me distinguish you from individuals who may want to contribute.

Publication Type

  • Let me know if your used Biscuits for Chai content in a podcast, essay, article or really anywhere.

What to include in the body of your email:

  1. Your preferred name (so I know how to address you)
  2. Your pronouns (same reason as above)
  3. The name I should use to cite you (if applicable)
  4. Lots of links, if you have any